Saturday, 30 April 2011

long weekends, and a bit of GB.

How lovely to have a long weekend. Frank got a lovely walk in our local park. It is really lovely, but i got cross with the amount of litter. OOO am i getting old but it really did annoy me. It was great weather and Frank had lots of fun and was very sleepy after - meaning i could relax and get on with the day in peace! I had time to carry on with the cross stitch i have started
I also took some time to look at some blighty stuff on the net (the wedding yesterday did bring out a bit of british pride).
I loved this little hat

But completely fell in love with this necklace. They also had it with the Queen and the Queen Mother on it.

Happy long weekend everyone


  1. Ooh, that cross stitch looks lovely! :)
    Ashley x

  2. Your x-stitch is coming on well! Should take mine to Ireland with me seeing that i will have a lack of laptop to amuse me :o) Scarlett x

  3. Oh yes, all very nice - I think as everyone behaved yesterday it made me proud to be British for a change!

  4. aaww Frank is very sweet bless him. Lovely cross stitch must be very satisfying. It was a magical day for England yesterday so much love in the air and Kate looked stunning. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  5. Yesterday was fabulous - we all loved it and K can't stop looking at The Dress - he has admitted he is a little smitten with Kate. Frank is a real sweetie.

  6. Received your parcel today, thank you very much lovely.
    Apologiesfor being a little late with yours but do keep an eye out for the postie!

    B xxx

  7. Definitely a good time to be British, I enjoyed the Royal Wedding far more than I'd anticipated, even though I was originally only interested in the dress.

    Love that London bus hat - very cute!

  8. Yes - litter annoys me too! I find myself picking it up and randomly shouting "LITTER BUG out of the front room window when I see a chav drop something. *HUFF*

    That stiching is lovely. You have reminded me I need to do some soon!

  9. Lovely cushion:) I have come over all patriotic too :D

  10. Frank, what a great name for a dog. I love it when dogs have proper human type names x