Monday, 2 May 2011

first dress made woo hooo

So it has been a great long weekend. I did a little more to my cross stitch. I really like it, but not sure what to do when done. I went to get a quote from a picture framers for the 'think happy thoughts' that i stitched a while ago. £65! Yes you read right £65! That did not make me think happy thoughts! I am going to try another shop as I think I went into this one looking like a millionaire or stupid! The best bit of having a long weekend was i got to finish my dress. The pictures not great, no make up and my hair could have done with a brush. I was so excited that i couldn't wait.

My first ever home made dress from a pattern.

It was an 'easy' make, and has given me the confidence to try another. I have a few to choose from but they all look sooo hard!

I also put some vintage fabric on Etsy, some of which i like soooo much i may use in my next project. Have a look on the link at the top for just a few. I wouldn't mind making a head band with the left over dress fabric too. I actually have a metre left - any suggestions?

If your back at work tomorrow i hope you enjoy and remember... only four days until the weekend! x


  1. £65 - Good grief!
    I love the dress - the pockets are great, and the fabric is beautiful, well done! I bet you could knock up a lovely corsage, or two!

  2. £65.00........WOWZER. Seem's like a lot of money, Does it have to be professionally framed? Can't you have a go with an Ikea frame? I don't stitch so wouldn't know if there is a special process for this stitching to be framed :)

    Well done on the dress it looks fantastic. Can't wait for the next one x

  3. Lovely dress, well done! :) That cross stitch is so pretty!
    Ashley x

  4. Wow - another dress maker in blogland! I am so impressed - well done!

    The cross-stitch looks fab, it would be a shame not to get them framed properly but that is certainly steep. Perhaps it's worth looking out for the right size frame and glass at charity shops and car boots, and then have them mount it properly for you - that should be cheaper.

  5. The dress looks great, I'd love to be able to make my own clothes. The cross stitch is fab too, I'm sure you could find cheap frames in charity shops and use those and it still look good :) x

  6. Fabulous dress, fab fabric. Well done you!

  7. aaawwww you look lovely, I love the fabric so pretty i know just how you feel its such a thrill to make your own clothes and you did really well, well done ;-)) Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  8. Well done on the dress. No stopping you now I daresay!

  9. Your cross-stitch sampler is looking really wonderful! Keep looking, i'm sure you can find a better price for a frame! Or... My Mom learned how to make her own, so maybe you could to that.

  10. your first dress looks fab, which pattern did you use?
    as for the cross stitch i always frame my own, my local wyevale sell frames and mounts so it works out alot cheaper, alternatively it would look great as a patchwork cushion, let us all know what you decide to do!!!

  11. I have been cross stiching for years and have only ever paid for something to be professionally framed once. Once bitten - twice shy. And it was not even that good! Have a scout around for frames in charity shops - look for frames that you can get the back off of. I usually have the measurements in a little bit of paper when I am frame hunting. You can then either make your own appiture (or some such similar word for the cardboard "frame" thingy inside the frame!) from thick card or they sell alot of decent sizes in Wilkos.

    Re dress - LOVE the fabric!

  12. Thank you all for your lovely comments. Your all such treasures. x
    i think i may have to get the picture done in a shop because it is very long and thin, i would be hard pressed to find one. But the cross stitch i am doing now will be a charity shop or some such. The cushion is a good idea too.

  13. I am new to you blog, and think you are very clever making such a pretty dress...I want one too! perhaps you could use the left over fabric to trim some trousers or make a headband?
    Nattie x

  14. The dress turned out great! Would a metre make a shorter version as a top?
    : )

  15. Blimey! 65 quid!! Maybe they forgot the dot and the 0! LOL

    I love the cross stitch though. i think it's lovely!
    And I love your dress too..I'm yet to make my first one...what pattern did you use? Cos' I love it :o)

    Have a great week,

  16. That is outrageous. How hard can it be to put it in a frame? Goodness me do they take us for idiots??

    On a happy note, beautiful dress. I love, the fabric. O keep all my scrap fabric for purses, bags and soon, bunting :)

  17. New layout looks great x

  18. Oh My the dress is fabulous! You're a clever crafty minx - love it! I agree the framers are blooming expensive. Scarlett x