Tuesday, 29 March 2011

happy to have finished happy

It has taken me hours and hours and hours but i have finished my first cross stitch. It is by Emily Peacock and i would recommend her packs. It came with everything you needed and i am really happy with the results.My stitching is probably not perfect (well i know it's not!) i will get it framed and it will hang hopefully making think happy thoughts!
super.. now i can actually do something else like some sewing and knitting, or maybe more cross stitch!


  1. well done on finishing your cross-stich, ive got two lots on the go and an emily peacock hug and kiss pillow waiting to be started - eek! Scarlett x

  2. You have made a great job of that well done.

  3. Well done on finishing,i'm still trying to finish a butterfly by mother's day

  4. That looks amazing! I really like Emily Peacock's tattoo designs but am a bit nervous of counted cross-stitch - is it hard? That might be a silly question but the last time I did any tapestry I was about 10 and the design was printed on the canvas!

  5. This is lovely. Thank's for an idea for somewhere to get my next tapestry when I need one. The Emily Peacock designs are gorgeous! I've still got two kits to finish though so it might be some time away!

  6. Wow-wee Fantastic!!!!!

    Well done V - I knew you would beat me! I have less than a fortnight to finish the HUG on my self-imposed deadline!

    Takes over your life though doesn't it!

  7. what lovely comments from you all. Firstly Scarlett - a hug AND a kiss - you will be busy! but in a good way.x
    Lakota - its actually easy - i just had to get used to not trying to follow like it was a knitting pattern. simple but time consuming!
    and lastly miss flying... two weeks - come on yes! i did finish before but you have made lovely cushions etc. x

  8. Looks great and so funky!

  9. I love it, well done it looks fab!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. It looks great! And I love your new dress too, very pretty
    : )

  11. Looks fab, well done for finishing it! I'm (slowly) making my way through a tapestry sampler, love it but it takes so long and I never seem to have enough minutes in the day! Have a lovely rest of your weekend Verity, Jenny x

  12. Great work! Its a lovely design.

    I'm busy working on a small counted cross stitch for my Easter swap and am finding it a little fiddly. Hopefully, I'll finish either today or tomorrow.

    Hope you are having a great weekend ... :0)